Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Here's A Brilliant Tip

Do not dice jalepenos for pico de gallo in the morning and then forget to wash your hands and jump in the shower cause you're gross from your first workout in more days than you'd like to admit.
Do not massage a cream cleanser onto your eyes to remove the eyeliner you slept and exercised in. 

Because...washing your face first thing in the shower after you have diced jalepenos and forgotten to wash your hands... will hurt. 

YOUR EYES. Hurt your moron eyes. 

I've had the privilege to meet and get to know several of my friends' grandparents. They have all greatly influenced my opinion of 'the senior set' in a positive and affectionate way. 
As the years go by, we all lose these people. Losing a grandparent can run the gamut of emotions or you can feel isolated from the loss if you were not close. I have seen several friends whose grandparents have passed; most recently my friend Jones'. 
I knew her slightly more than in passing. Jones lived in her basement and passing through the basement door was like exiting a Mad Men set and entering a punk dive bar populated with drunks, poets and crazies. You would encounter Grandma if you went up to pee (which I did frequently) or if Jones didn't hear you knocking at the back or the window. 
She was just a sweet woman. That's the best word I can think of to describe her. She always remembered who I was when I called the house and chatted with me on many occasions. 
My husband and I both wish there had been a service for her. We would have liked to pay respects, but to also be there for our friend. 
But there wasn't and we couldn'

Grandma Florence are missed. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My dear mother and dear baby sister both graduated from college this year...
our entire family is so proud. 
My middle sister and our Aunt Bernadette (but mostly Bernadette) put together a party for them both. Nothing major, just a get-together at the park where middle sister got married. 
We celebrated with candy cigars. 
We have also been to a large petting zoo nearish to my in-laws'. Milo loves it. I love the birds of prey they have there. 
He likes fruit snacks. 

The plumpest hawk I have ever seen. Reminds me of myself...

Patina on the underneath of a train car. 

Best drugstore find EVER. 

And now I am off to start a bazillion loads of laundry and to get ready for Milo's pre-threeschool physical. Then I think I will go buy some MORE hair dye and a milkshake for Milo. 
Because I am pretty sure they will draw blood today at the doc. Boo hoo. 
I will post photos from our St. Louis trip as soon as I have time. Which, judging from how long it has been since I LAST posted photos should be around 2015. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011


As in over, not under. 
Too much...too much...uploading and ironing and running around and what I want to do what THEY want to do what DO we DO. 

Go to the zoo. 

Well, not today. 

I will find time to post photos from our recent adventures. I will remember that random phrase and make up a story around it (...the animal scent of evening...)

And will someone please buy me a hardcover copy of American Gods?