Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank You Toronto!!!! Thank You Lush!!!

As some of you know, I was honored to be part of a sales team that won a holiday contest this past season. I'll not bore you with details; just know that we worked our butts off and completely deserved the prize we got:

A trip to the Toronto Lush factory for six days.

I've never been to Toronto, and hadn't left the country since well before I was married. If you read this blog, you could read my apprehension at leaving my boys for six days.

Yeah...they were fine. And so was I. On to the photos!!!

We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard on Yonge Street, which is apparently the longest street in the world. Toronto reminded me of Chicago A LOT. They lacked a river, though. 
 The view from my 7th story window. We were directly across from an amazing sushi restaurant. While I am currently unable to eat raw fish *sob*, I did enjoy the best spider roll I've had to date. 
Toronto is kind of grey.

Probably the only bed in which I'll sleep alone for the next bajillion years. FIVE PILLOWS!!! ALL MINE!!!
Gratuitous pregnant belly shot in the closet mirror. This was the week I started feeling large. 18 weeks!!!

We arrived on a Sunday and weren't scheduled to begin working until Tuesday, so the group had plenty of time to get acquainted with and acclimated to the city. Lush delivered transit passes to us on Monday morning, so on Sunday we mostly just wandered around on foot.
Street art around the corner from the hotel. I think this was on some sort of family center. At this point of our walk I was delirious with hunger so I don't remember...

Roots store in Eaton Centre Mall. We tried on hats. There's me on the left, my manager KT and my new pal Rosie on the right. She was my airplane buddy and gave me Kashi bars when I was hungry. 

On Monday we were able to navigate using Toronto's amazing public transit system. They have a subway, a bus line AND streetcars! 
We visited Kensington Market, which is a part of the city full of vintage shops and ...more vintage shops....and...more street art...and ....lots of cheese shops and charcuteries.
 I thought these quotes were beautiful. Taken outside a shop on Kensington.
Vintage shoes and jukebox at a really cool store. The shopguy was  pretty jerky though. Stupid pompadour and a crummy attitude.

Pretty girls

 Chicken circus
Tags make me laugh.
Rachel and I. Arty shot in an old candy machine. 

Nighttime on Yonge Street.

More photos to come-shots in the factory and very exciting things!!!

On the home front, I am still a little bushed, but we are back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow so I need to sack up.
Today I made the chocolate chop cookies from my girl Nigella's book. I've already eaten two. But I DID work out today, so I'm even. RIGHT???
Dinner tonight will be these sandwiches and some frozen veggies. I haven't gone to Valli yet and won't until Wednesday...meal plans be damned...

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  1. Hubba Hubba! Glad you enjoyed!Glad you are back all safe and sound!