Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Factory Photos

On Tuesday we navigated public transportation to find the Lush factory in Etobioke...
We were welcomed by our hosts who fed us breakfast from Canada's version of Panera: Artisanal. They make breakfast pizza! Which I thought had a chance of being really super gross, but it was considerably better than the actual pizza that exists in Canada. More on that later.
Here we are!!!!

You can keep you Spiderman and Superman. We have LUSHMAN!!!

The soap room. Part kitchen, part science lab, part witchy. I asked the compounders there if they ever feel like evil scientists. The response: 
'Sometimes we do cackle..'

Leftover Sweetheart soap.

The soap room. Those yellow cabinets are what hold the ECs (essential components/secret ingredients). 

Rosie with a soap noodle mustache.

TEAM 2 REPRESENT: (from left) Natalie, Rosie, Rachel, Nilo. 

I was really impressed with the way Lush saves the unsellable soap pieces to re-melt and add to fresh batches. Alkmaar is my favorite. There were bins and bins of every kind of soap. 

The gang in the 'cold room' making Buffy. The ingredients get melted together and moved to this room to be mixed, poured into molds and set. 

Gratuitous eyelash shot.


Walking back to the bus after day one. They were confused by the sausage factory. Aren't we all?

Near the factory there was a childcare facility with these creepy statues on the building. OF COURSE I photographed them!!

Day 2. I made five million Jumping Juniper shampoo bars. I don't think I'm allowed to show the photos of HOW they are made, but let's just say it involves smashing machines. 
Ps...do you LOVE my hairnet??!?!?

KT, Rachel, Season and the Masked Wonder. She and I were 'I'm super overwhelmed by these essential oils and dust and must go stand outside for a moment' buddies. We share a love of saline nasal spray and Starbucks. 

French Kiss bubble bar.

Jumping Juniper shampoo bar. What struck me (and still does) is the amount of workmanship that goes into the creation of these products. Those lavender sprigs? Unpacked from large boxes and broken off the stems BY HAND. Insane. Those cone-shaped bubble bars? Shaped into said cones by hand. After seeing all this, I do NOT feel the least bit bad charging what we charge for our stuff. Six bucks for one bath? You bet your ass...
Tomorrow, more and more photos, and and explanation of breakfast pizza. 
And, if anyone wants to donate to our 'Send Lou Malanati's to Lush Canada', let me know.. Canada's pizza is really terrible. And they know it. Its so sad...

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