Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Did you think I fell off the planet? Did you think I was tooling around the universe with Zaphod Beeblebrox?


Just kiddin'. I know you didn't. It's all good. I was totes busy. 

We spent Thanksgiving with my husband's family and attended a wedding the following Saturday. Leaving the kid with his cousins at Nana and Papa's house. 

First overnight away from home for him. And me. And Brian. 

I think, in Milo's mind, it was the best weekend ever. He had kids to play with EVERY DAY. Plus...well you know how it goes at Nana's house. What happens there stays there and whatnot-haha. 

Massive thanks to my in-laws for all pitching in to keep Milo alive and happy. 
As a thank-you to them, and as a gift to you all; I present this photo of Milo with his cousins. 
 How much do you love it when you tell three kids to make funny faces and they ALL MAKE A REALLY FUNNY FACE?! Love it. 

We attended the wedding of a friend at the divinely stunning Cultural Center at the old Public Library in the city. I was pretty focused on socializing and not on taking photos, so most of them are crap, but trust me-the surroundings were just beautiful.
At the reception we were seated with our friends under a mosaic dome with the names of poets going across the arch we were sitting under. 
That's a fairly wretched description and I'll work on it. But let's just agree that it was beautiful. 
 We stood under this and had drinks after the ceremony. Its really hard to take a photo of the ceiling while you are standing on a tile floor in four-inch heels and a short dress. 
So chic. 
At some point during the cocktail hour I asked Dana if my eye makeup was too much. We had applied our faces in her hotel room and the lighting was REDONK. So bad. I kept putting blush on, and that's sometimes not good. 
I was a little self conscious of the gilded eyeshadow up to my eyebrows and the black eyeliner all over the place. 
My best friend just said, 
'Althea. You wanted to dye your hair PINK. No, your EYE MAKEUP looks just fine.'
Hah. She's funny. And right. 

Yeah, I know. This photo is terrible. It was freezing out, but we all drunkenly wanted cigarettes. Notice how I am easily the giantess in the group. Fricken...short people...
I do happen to really like the chicks in this photo. Good people, them. Really good. 
 Also, I am not trying to do anything dirty to the woman on the left. I had Brian's jacket on and she snuggled in. 
We all had a spectacular weekend. Milo had a blast and so did his parents. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Total Confession

We have two cats. Yes. 
These cats are incredibly chill. They do not tear shit up too badly and they put up with Mr. No rather well. 
One cat belonged to Mr. Smith before we started dating. The other one we got as a couple to keep the first one company. 

We enjoyed watching them play together. Scampering around and all that. Snuggling with us. Trying to drink the milk out of your cereal bowl when you weren't looking. 

Cute. Adorable. Loving. Purring. Aw. 

But then. 
We had Mr. No (who not known as Mr No at the time). 
And I swear to you in the spirit of love and kindness and tranquility and whatever else....I came home with that baby and I had NO room left in my heart for those cats. 


Yes-one of them DID scarf down a bunch of cat food and then puke it up in front of me and then EAT IT BACK DOWN. Though, it was hardly digested. And we HAD been gone for 3 days. Having a baby and shit. 

I remember sitting there thinking something evil. Don't recall what it was exactly.
And now all I see is the litter everywhere and the cat hair everywhere and they want ATTENTION constantly. Food constantly. Constant litter box to scoop. 

What the fuck is my fucking problem??? 
Guh. I'm gonna go work out now. Do some yoga meltdown and whatnot. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I wouldn't say I am freaking out over gifts or anything like that. I am going to try and keep family drama AWAY this year. heh. 

Yesterday something terrible happened. Milo lost his woo woo robot. 
This one. Shortly after this photo was taken we went to Target. And now it is gone. I feel SO BAD. He's been asking for it so I know he doesn't get that he left it at Target. 
I know that I'm responsible, but it is kind of hard to grocery shop and keep an eye on him at the same time-since he asks to walk EVERY time and doesn't want to ride in the cart. 

Can you tell I am kinda proud of my ripped arms?
Yesterday before the ill-fated Target trip.
 Purpley dress thing from some clearance rack. 
Old Navy Tank
Joes Jeans that are SO DYING. 
Warm vest from Kohls

 I SO thought my basil plant was deadski. 
But I think the chives are slowly biting the dust. We'll see how these make it through the winter. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

19 on 19th

In the spirit of the season, I should have been doling out interesting daily posts and getting all kids of crafty. Cleaning my house and baking the type of cookies one puts into a tin. 

But I haven't. Obviously. 

Allow me to begin with something that I have enjoyed seeing on others' blogs. I steal ALL my ideas. 

19 Things I Am Thankful For On November 19th:

1. my salvation-obvs this needs to be #1
2. my husband and son and the fact that I am able to make a home for them.
3. health, my own and of those around me
4. sitting at the desk with a few toes of my bare right foot resting on the heating vent until they get TOO warm
5. warm baths
6. borrowing vanilla from my neighbor
7. workout dvds
8. quiet mornings
9. the job that pays me
10.the feeling of not being sick or pukey anymore
11.quiet afternoons
12.family, I think
13.Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
14.sunshine, lollipops and rainbows
15.the intertubes
16.hot coffee in the morning although I DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT NOW I NEED TO GO GET SOME
17.Milo's robot dance

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Truth in Daily Life

I am lucky to own a Keurig coffee maker. It is incredibly digital and impressive.
So much so; that ,as the water is heating and I am selecting one of those terribly wasteful, expensive and delicious cups to brew; the digital and impressive display reads:


And my precaffienated self thinks, "yeah. totally."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Wear Days Wheneves Week Whateves

I've got Halloween photos to post also, but I'd rather get these up since I am utterly self-centered. 
But really.
Hair Doctor Hair Mask. BOOO!

Knot Wrap from Lush
Shirt: Limited

Lippy: MAC GIrl About TOwn. 

Supersweet Ring: Forever 21 accessory store in my mall. That store is CRACK. Cause everything is like five bucks. 

Dolman sleeve sweater from Limited
Earl Jeans

Another shot of that amazing ring. 

Dress: Downeast Basics
Reversible Bag: 1154 Lill Studio

Other side of bag

Poufy hair!!!
Necklace from Ebay 600 years ago
I was on my way to a bridal shower

Wing earrings from someplace I forget...I've never actually worn them before that night. My hair was never the right length.
Betsey Johnson coat (I really forgot what I have on under this, hehe)
Ms. Woolf is one of those internet presences that I felt an instant connection with.
OH YEAH, and she does amazing giveaways. One of which I was blessed enough to win!
I will so completely link the hell out of this post but now I have to get dressed and take the kid to the doc. He's rashy and coughing. Going to attempt to take his temp. Rectally. Yeah. Pray for me. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

For Lack of a Notebook

This girl Jessica that I know (well, I met her once and we read each others' blogs. and she went to college with my husband. does that qualify as 'knowing' someone?) has a lot of notebooks in which to record her ideas/dreams/etc. For some reason I have none. I use this blog. 
I had to...?
I haven't been sleeping well these past few nights. Could be for a number of reasons. 
I tend to wake up at or around 3:30 in the morning. It is a terrible hour...not quite morning, not quite nighttime. Early enough to want to go back to sleep, but close enough to daytime to consider saying 'fuckit' and getting up. 
It is generally after I 'win' the struggle to fall back asleep at this hour that I have been having these bizarre dreams. 
This morning's happened at some weird 'The Prisoner'-type resortprison. My husband was there, and I think so were a few other family members. We were instructed to climb a staircase that looked like it was part of a pop-up book.
All papery and fold-y. 
Occasionally a tab would be pulled by an unseen presence and the steps would disappear. All the people would disappear too. 
I begin to climb. I can see the rear end of the woman in front of me who, for some reason I KNOW is this girl I went to elementary school with named Dorothy Syzmanski. She does not look back and I never see her face, but I know it is her. 
The steps begin to pull back into the structure, and a rope is thrown to us. I know that I must rappel my way up to the top. I hold the rope, secure in my own strength to make it to the top. I feel like I should be scared, but I am not. I know I will not fall. But I repeat to myself , 'Do not look down. Just don't look down and you won't fall or be scared. '
So I focus on the top of Dorothy Syzmanski's head. 
And I make it to the top. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hope This Invokes Giggles

A woman comes into my shop last night. She's got 2 grandsons with her, one in a stroller, kind of fussy. Another about age 6 or 7, behaving well. 
The woman comes up to me-she's got dark hair and eyes and is wearing a wildly patterned shirt. I peg her as a cool lady. 

She leans in, 'I have a question for you.'
Me: 'I have an answer. Hit me...'
She: 'These soaps...are they...um, how do I say this (puts her hands to her mouth in thought)...can you...aaahhh...'
Me: 'Just spit it out. You won't offend me. I'm here to help.'
She: 'Are they safe...for the ...ah...VAGINA?'
Me:'(total straight face) Well, yes...but you need to use common sense. You wouldn't use a soap called SANDSTONE (that has sand IN IT) to wash your girly bits, now would you?'

Highlight of the evening. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breathe. Step. Continue.

I tried to watch The Runaways last night, but the husb and I were both pretty tired. 
I think I got about halfway through it. Gotta say...it took me a second to believe Dakota Fanning as a badass. But I got there, eventually. 
Now I want to listen to the Runaways. Because chicks rule. 

Some crazy sheeeyit happening...my mom and I are both working on Mondo tributes because we think he got ROBBED. 
DAMN YOU WHATSERFACE** (the judge that isn't Heidi or Michael, her name escapes me because she SUCKS)!!!!!!

Busy day today. Just bloggin to blog. 
To all my new bloggy pals...thanks for the love. You make me smile. 

**nina garcia. or..as I like to call her...horseface...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weird Dream

My husband and I were hitching a ride. For some reason I knew we were going to Matt's bar for Jucy Lucys. 
A dumpy brunette woman asks us if we need a ride. We say yes. We get into her beat up red minivan. Husband sits in passenger seat and I get behind the driver. 
We both look in back and see a baby. Facing front, but much too young to be doing so. Fussing, but not too much.
Woman makes conversation, and as she does, she lights a cigarette. A Marlboro Light 100. Before husband or I can protest, she has handed me a lit cigarette and rolled down her window. 
Husband and I exchange looks of confusion and concern. 
I make the 'don't make waves, she's giving us a ride' face at husband. And accept the cigarette. 

Then I wake up. To cries of the son saying, 'Dadddddeeee woo woo. Woo woo. Dadddeee.'
This means he wants his Daddy and his Cars ambulance. Daddy is at work. Kid gets it. What he does not get; and the reason why he is currently yelling at me, is that I cannot fucking find his fucking ambulance and I really don't appreciate getting berated at 7am. Before any caffeine. 

Flu shots today. God help us all. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy, HAPPY! Cry.

Good stuff:
Girl About Town Lipstick by MAC
My two new Knot Wraps from work
Kisses and hugs from my two favorite guys

Not-so-good stuff:
Corrective action well after the fact 
Complete and utter lack of me time 

That's all for now. I am still trying to come up with a creative post that showcases my writing 'talent' , but I have filth and cellulite to deal with. 
Trying to stay positive. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last night was ... how do I say this diplomatically...suck. Kind of. 
Lots and lots AND LOTS of constructive criticism. I took it in. I didn't break a tear until I got home, and even then it was only for a SECOND. 
The vodka helped. 
Today I have nothing planned but dinner at my bestie's, which is always very relaxing. I plan to stay in my jammies until naptime, then I plan on either having a nap or a bath. 
Or a nap IN the bath. 
This is a reason to love my job. Which I do. They send us stuff!
oh oh OH!!!!!
last night was the night of cool coats. Everyone had on cute coats. NOYCE. 
AND!!!! I saw...okay...I have wanted pink hair for awhile. Like, pretty much since high school. And now that I am a SAHM in the freaking SUBURBS, I feel a distinct desire to NOT look like a SAHM that lives in the freaking SUBURBS. 
There was a girl in last night who had hair VERY similar to mine (except long, boo hoo I WANT LONG HAIR) and she used Hot Hot Pink by Manic Panic. She was totally adorable and I told her that I seriously might scalp her. Yeah, i say weird shit to my custies sometimes. Its my thing. 
Don't worry Dana, I will wait until AFTER THE WEDDING. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have been inspired, y'all. 

Kristen over at Pommes Frites is doing a 'Share the Love' kinda dealie to encourage participation amongst the blog community. She's making the effort to comment on peoples' blogs in order to...

you guessed it...


I personally really enjoy comments (that are kind and positive, durrr) and am totes willing to pass along that feeling if I can. 

So yeah, gonna do that. Kind of already did. But my bathtub and this bath bomb are very kindly calling my name. And God willing I will get a tub in before study this morning. 

*vows not to become run-down*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Lesson From Jersey

'Reality' shows. I like them. 
Project Runway
Real Housewives of various cities 
Tabatha's Salon Takeover
Jersey Couture
The Joysey GTL Guido Show
okay that last one is totally made up

and so on. The influx of the Jersey-themed shows has been flummoxing,wouldn't you agree? There's a general stereotype that exists that is VERY popular right now. I find myself drawn in for a number of reasons; one of them being that the people (women specifically, obvs) featured on those shows are SO unlike me. And yes, I like to giggle at what they wear sometimes and wonder how they can all drive such nice cars. 
Its a nice way to escape for a half hour or so while I do chores. 

But what I RESPECT about those stupid shows (because they are (let's admit it) STUPID) is the directness of the people on them. Yeah, whatsherface left Jersey Shore AGAIN the second time, but at least everyone knew where they stood with her. 
Yeah, Dina AND Caroline both had 'sit-downs' with Danielle. I think that's pretty brave. 
Also a way to cause drama and raise ratings. BUT. Stay with me.
Tracy and Olivia HATE each other. For no good reason as far as the show reveals; they just don't like each other AT ALL.  They don't try to be all nicey nice when they are around each other. 
I mean. Come on. Hasn't there recently been a time when you wished you had the balls (and reason and conviction and yes maybe also a tv show) to tell someone EXACTLY what you thought of them?

Just something I feel people could maybe use a little more of sometimes. There's a lot to say for respect, and using gentle , kind words. Be like Jesus and all that. 
But didn't He flip a couple tables over in His time?

The answer is yes. 
And I think I just drew a comparison between Christ my savior and Teresa Guidice. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Goals?

There a a few blogs that are doing the 30 for 30 thing, which I doubt I will do, only because I don't think my closet reflects my lifestyle. 
Meaning, I have too much stuff that I deem too precious to risk destruction of. At the hands of the Mr. Baby here.
Kristin at Pommes Frites has some November goals. That sounds a little more do-able. 
And E (who is adorable) is doing 30 days of Gratitude. 
my November goals:
To work out more often than not
To keep up on laundry
To get Christmas shopping under way, possibly finished

I am sure there's more, but right now I just need coffee from my Keurig, FOR WHICH I AM TRULY GRATEFUL!
You like that? Thought you might. 
My Toms on my sister's lawn.  I am also grateful for red shoes.