Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DIbble dibble dopp dopp

That is how Mr. Brown sounds like the rain, and that is what I can hear now. 
Plus a little wind and traffic. 
Milo usually sleeps in on rainy mornings, and instead of doing a workout video like I should, I am farting around on the internet. 
I sit here on mornings like this and try to collect my thoughts for the day. I check Facebook, and Blogger and Gmail. Hear about the days of people I don't ever actually see. Most of the time. 
All these people!
My cat Squishy jumps into the bed the second I am out of it. I am convinced that he thinks it is HIS bed. When he was a kitten, one of us accidentally closed him in the bedroom of our old townhouse. He pooped on our bed. (on SHEETS. that I washed in HOT water) 
Maybe that is why he considers it his bed. And it all kind of makes sense. 
Yesterday afternoon was quite literally soupy outside. The air hung with that special kind of humid heat that hits northern Illinois right at the beat of August. Milo and I had Caroline for the day and we literally played at the playground for 15 minutes and walked back inside. I felt like I was walking through water. Then I felt like I was carrying a wet, crabby, poopy toddler through water. I remarked to Caroline that Milo smelled like a locker room at a pool. Like poop and wet. 
Dibble dibble dopp dopp dopp....

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