Sunday, October 31, 2010


I spent yesterday morning sewing a costume for my little man. He was going as the word 'no'. In keeping with the spirit of the costume, he refused to wear it. I didn't want to press the issue
 This is what I wore Friday, until Milo threw water at me from the bathtub. Tunic from Nordstrom Rack. 
Look! Ghetto headbands can be cute when you are growing out a supershort hair cut!!!
We went to my sister's house for her annual party. 

There they are. But you can't really see them. Cause the camo...get it?
I enjoy the Milo in the background. 

Milo shoots you with a bug vaccuum. 
He went as Sue from Glee. It was all I could manage. Lamesauce, I know. Don't hate. 

Brian was the kid from E.T.

Baby sis.

Middle sis, after being 'shot' by Milo. 

She says she doesn't photograph well. I am trying to prove her wrong. 

The sisters. And our dad. Who was...a gynecologist...yeesh. 

I wanted to link to some ladies' blogs that I enjoy. Mostly because I think they are cute:

Happy Halloween to everyone. Thanks for the interweb love. Hoping I can send some back. 


  1. Milo was going as the word 'no'? And then he refused to wear it? That is just too funny!!

  2. i LOVE that Milo went as Sue from Glee. soooo funny!!

    you are gorgeous. has anyone ever told you taht you look like a young Michelle Pfeiffer?

  3. Thanks so much for posting these!

  4. Fun photos! Your dad's costume cracked me up. Happy Halloween!

  5. Charlotte: You are correct...I thought the story was almost better than the costume, haha!!!
    Lily: OMGOSH THAT IS LIKE THE BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!!!! Literally I am now breathless and am going to go stare at myself. KIDDING
    Mama: you are welcome. You were missed.
    Lauren: he had glasses and a nametag that said...Dr. Harry Beaver...oh my.

  6. Tell your sister she photographs beautifully. I love your tunic, especially pre-bath water.

  7. That snippet about your son going as the word NO and then refusing to wear the costume - that should be immortalized in song or something. That cracks me up! And I endorse the headband for growing out hair - you look cute. :o)

  8. Ghetto head bands look great on you!

  9. YAY for ghetto head bands! Love that you tried it! See, isn't it the best?! :]

    Looks like you guys had a super-fun H-ween. That "no" story is the cutest.