Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Countdown

AH, the happy season of December...

Like an idiot, I decided to knit two major gifts at the beginning of the month. One is almost done, the other...not so much. But its the one for Silas, so I guess he won't be mad...

Today we decorated cookies. I type this as Silas is in his swing while Milo (completely jacked on royal icing) dances to Christmas songs to amuse him. 

 Maybe I went a little nuts with the macro, but sprinkles are just SO PRETTY
This baby has been up since six a.m. without a decent nap. 

I enjoy his feet.

Even when the boys get photobombed by them.

It begins...

I am debating letting him run around outside. But he will want me to chase him. And I do not want to chase him. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hair, In My Dreams

If it wouldn't be weird/illegal, I would scalp her and wear her hair as my own:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Boys Are Gross, But I Love Mine

Int. Morning, my house

A 31-year old, overweight, slightly attractive woman walks through a hallway and comes across a crumpled t-shirt on the floor

Althea : "Hey, Milo, why is your new Darth Vader t-shirt on the floor?"

Milo (without looking up from his computer game, and with the tone of someone pointing out something painfully obvious) : "Cause der was POOP on it."

Althea : "Uh, so why was there poop on it? How did that happen?"

Milo : "I don't KNOW MOM!"

Althea : "oh."


Int. mid-afternoon, my office area

Aforementioned woman walks through her home holding a large baby. She has just changed her shirt because the baby has just puked on it.

Baby is held facing out in the hopes that any further spew will land on the easily wiped floor.

Woman sits at her computer, with baby still in facing-out position.

Baby pukes on her jeans. 

Althea : " REALLY?!!??"