Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day Two

I was toying with the idea of doing some sort of cleanse for some time. Not to magically lose a ton of weight-I know that will only happen with exercise; but to truly cleanse my body. 
And no, I am not merely referring to a need to poop my brains out. I wanted to see how the rest of my body would be affected by eating raw foods and drinking freshly prepared juice. 
With my new favorite thing ever:
Shitty photo for my new juicer
I've been loosely following this book's 3 day energy boost cleanse. I like this book because it is written for people who want to detox for different amounts of time and for those who are ready to commit to a raw lifestyle. There are TONS of recipes in there. 
Yesterday I had water with lemon, juice, a salad with some leftover roasted (I know, I know I cheated already) veggies, carrots with hummus...more water more salad...
Last night at work I felt like there was disgusting sludge emanating from my skin. I just felt a lot more aware of my body and how it was feeling. Which was last night, a little weak and sore and tired. 
But yeah, no cheese, no meat , no dairy, no grains/starches beyond the tempeh I had on the salad. 
I keep waiting for something crazy to happen, like intestinal cramping or stigmata or a very ladylike faint,  but so far nothing.  I will absolutely continue juicing, but this all-raw thing is not for me. I refused gelato last night. Granted, it was a boring flavor of gelato, but I didn't know that when I bought it...but still...GELATO. 
Eeenyways...I really want fried eggs and toast. 
That's about it. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So Proud

The DH put a lot of time into this. Wiffleball!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Not What I Expected

Yep...this weekend was not what I expected. At all.

Friday evening was spent in fellowship with some lovely women at church. I caved and ate a pumpkin muffin and two cinnamon rolls. BUT THEY WERE MINI SO ITS OKAY. 

Saturday morning I got up with the kiddo to let the DH sleep. We kicked it until I had to go back to church for the rest of the mini-retreat I was attending. Not what I expected. Perhaps because I had never heard the speaker before. I was expecting something that was based in scripture, and this was basically this woman telling stories. Which was cool, I mean, she was fully adorbs and amusing. get it. 
I DID get to spend time with the bestie, the other Brian's wife and bestie's SIL (whom I've known for years). I also go to know some other cool church chicks. 
AND ! We went to Old Navy on the lunch break and I SCORED a light blue hoodie for under $2!! Sweet. Who cares if the tag says Old Navy Intimates???
My darling friend NS watched this kiddo for a couple hours that afternoon so that the DH could attend a party(?!) for a widowed co-worker. I am so truly thankful for NS. I am completely blessed to have her in my life as a friend, a co-worker and a babysitter! I love her. She's hilarious and REALLY good at make-up. 
Moving on. I came home as the DH was getting ready to leave for Wiffle. He had told me there would BE no Wiffle, but I never believe him when he tells me this. 
Now, kiddo has been battling a cough, runny nose....feeling generally craptastic. He's been up at night, in and out of our bed, leaving me more exhausted than usual (put your fake violins away please). I've let him rest as much as possible without completely halting our lives. He seemed fine after the DH left, so after a couple Phineas and Ferb episodes we left for Target. The plan was to go to bestie's house for dinner and wine; with the boys meeting us after Wiffle. 
Kiddo passed OUT in the car on the way home from Target. Usually he wakes up when I bring him inside, but not this time. SO I let him sleep. Called bestie, told her what the deal was. I assumed I'd wake him at like 6:45 and head over. 
Well...THAT didn't work. So I put him to bed. Called bestie, told her I wouldn't be coming over. Sad face. 
Kiddo woke up at 8. Hysterical. FREAKING OUT. Sinuses...crying, sucked. I prayed for grace. I got it. I put Toy Story 3 in after doing what I could to make kiddo comfortable.
Then...while putting him into jammies...I saw the rash. For those of you that do not know-my kid is nearly transparent. He's super-pale and if you tickle him too hard his skin turns blotchy and red. So the rash around his undies waistband area didn't cause me to panic.  
Until it started spreading. There was no fever...he wasn't itching. Still no panic. Lots of Googling. Finally got him into bed at 11 pm. Exhausted. Not the Saturday night I expected. At all. 
Sunday morning...the rash had spread to his extremities, even his hands. He was acting totally normal so we went about our day. We got home and I checked him again. He was more rash than skin at this point. So I called my RN SIL. Sent her pics...she advised that we go to a clinic and get him checked out. With our insurance, an ER visit costs considerably less than those damn clinics. Off we went. DH had a soccer game, and since there was no cause for alarm, I took kiddo myself. 
Thank GOD for pediatric emergency rooms. He was checked out and given a hefty does of Benadryl. He passed out on the bed, and the nurses and I watched the rash almost totally disappear. I was given a prescrip for antihistamine and sent on my way (about 2 hours later). 
I am not afraid to tell you that it was only AFTER signing papers with a sleeping kid in my arms and AFTER the pharmacist told me I didn't have the correct insurance card and AFTER I talked to my husband...only then did I cry. And only for a second. 
Here is why:
'Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that testing your faith develops perseverance.' James 1:2-3
Kiddo slept for 14 hours last night. Amen. He is back to himself. I'm still calling the pediatrician for a follow-up. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Just Two

Happy Photos. No complaining. 
free clothes from my SIL. Thanks, A!!!

glowy milk glass reflected in granite

a nail blogger I am not, but this is making me happy. this is not black. it is green. and i love it. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Done Did It Now

Saturday morning (my DH let me sleep in, THANKS YOU HUNNEY) I had a dream about a screenplay I need to write. I'll be Googling free screenwriting tips-as I know none.

Also. I have decided to make a major change in my lifestyle by starting a bastardized version of the South Beach Diet. I look like I swallowed a medium-sized four-square ball. 

Not cute. Gross. So...making a change. Bye-bye refined flour. I will miss you. Doritos, my darlings, you will be mourned. As will you, white bread...

Hello turkey roll-ups and celery stuffed with Laughing Cow cheese!!!

Watched X-Men: First Class last night. They are my favorite comic book characters, and it was interesting to see how Magneto and Professor X came to be. 

Was I the only person in the world that didn't know Kevin Freaking BACON was in that movie????

The climactic Cuba beach scene was really well written, but the whole movie was REALLY long. Emma Stone is amazing. 

Now I have to go drink five million gallons of water. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Nature knocks my socks off yet again:

Everyone at my house is sick. I have an upcoming meeting (tonight) at work for which I NOW need to find a costume. Running around yesterday, I glanced across my parking lot to see the most  incredible work of color theory i've ever seen in nature. 
I could not stop taking photographs. I only stopped because I thought maybe the neighbors would think I was a peeper. 
So beautiful.