Friday, November 11, 2011

750 Words

The kiddo is sleeping. Funny how hard they fight sleep at this age. 
Today I am very tired. But my lovely husband cleaned like a madman last night and I want to make sure that it isn't trashed when he gets home. I try to do this nightly and usually fail. 
My heart is heavy right now. I was doing my entry on and what started out as a fictional tale became sort of autobiographical and brought up some memories I'm not too fond of. We all have them, I am sure. 

But this 750 words thing...check it out. It is helping me as a writer. The words are beginning to flow as they once did. 
And no, you cannot see mine. It is private, sorry. 

When my son was asked (by my husband) at open house what he was thankful for, my son answered, "God."

We must be doing something right. 

The end. 

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