Thursday, February 14, 2013

Conversations WIth Milo

My house. 

Milo is in the powder room, dropping a deuce. I am on the computer.

He exits said bathroom. 

Me: "Milo, where are you?"

Milo: "In da bafroom mommeee."

Me: "What are you DOING?"

Milo(grunting): "I POOPIN"

Milo comes downstairs, sans pants.

Milo: "I pooped EVERYWHERE."

Me (fearful): "What do you mean?!"

Milo: "I pooped in ALL da bafrooms."

Me: "Even mine?WHY???"

Milo: "Ahcause....I just...fink it was...I hadda get ALLLLL da poop out. And I flush ALL the potties."

Me: "Well, honey, you know...when you go poop on the potty you stay on the same one until all the poop comes out."

Milo: "oh. okay."



  1. Please stop scaring me; boys seem so gross! Would girls ever do such things?!

  2. Sorry, but they are gross. They are also loving and fun. But mostly gross.

  3. Frankly, I think you have found a real literary niche' here. Conversations With Milo could easily translate into book (not big as a novel, but something.) or screenplay or a youtube video at the very least. And I mean that in a good, totally complimentary way. You have a natural writer's flare!

  4. Thanks Mom, but I am really just transcribing what he says!!!