Friday, April 30, 2010

Time Change?

Was there one I didn't know about?
My son USED to hang out in his crib until nearly eight a.m.
I realize I am typing this at almost 7:30, which is pretty darn near 8. 
But his yells have now gotten pretty pitiful. Which means he has thrown something out of his bed that he REAL wants, and I have to go get him. 
I slept in today and don;t have time to post photos but I can prolly write a fast LIST:
1. I am totally making a dress. It might not suck. 
2. I only had 2 bad things to eat yesterday.
3.I am doing the grocery shopping today. Joy. 
4. I have a random mark on my arm that looks EXACTLY like I walked into a dirty brick wall in a bar, brushed up against it, really. That's not what happened,just what it looks like.  It could just be leftover mascara, slept into my arm overnight. 
5. The Smiths have not died. We're just taking a break, I guess.
6. This is making me feel cool. 

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