Thursday, May 6, 2010

Updatey most of you know, the Smiths were stricken with a wretched, evil something week before last. First Milo was sick. It was really gross
Then I was sick. It hurt, and Milo was feeling better by then. Let's just say he watched a lot of tv (sorry, son) while I writhed in pain on the couch. 
Mr. Smith got sick. He slept for two days. I called him Rumplestilskin. Then realized I should have called him Rip Van Winkle. And that I should brush up on my fairy tales. 
Milo and I went to our local Asian (although I think it is mainly Japanese, if that matters) supermarket, Mitsuwa . I've loved this store for years. The food court is wonderful and if you are looking for obscure snacks or drinks, this is the place to go. 
But DO NOT go there if you have been playing nurse for your husband and haven't had a moment to look in the mirror,apply undereye concealer or don a cute ANYTHING. Japanese women are beautiful, and stylish, and if you are a tall blonde mommy who hasn't showered, you and your self-consciousness will stick out. 
So will your loud, blonde toddler. Living in the suburbs, I am almost grateful for times when being a blue-eyed blonde puts me in the minority. But still...I looked like crap that day. Obviously. 
It turns out that there is a nice big field nearby if you exit the side door. Since we didn't want to go home, Milo ran around:

After I put Milo (and Mr. Smith) to bed that night, I went over to my BFF's house for wine and venting. It was good and exactly what I needed after a whole WEEK of being cooped up in the house. 
I love my Dana. 

Sometimes after Milo's naptime, he wants to go outside. Sometimes he wants to pretend-drive the car, sometimes he just wants to run. 
SOMEtimes we go for a drive. On one of these drives (through a nearby office park. the entire other side of Roselle road is an office park over here), I found this place:
Milo is really into fire trucks. Anything with wheels and flashing lights, really. we went later that week.

 It is run by off-duty firefighters (the firehouse is literally up the street) and is usually only open for birthday parties. I'd imagine for an older child that was into fire-trucks and the like...this would be a great idea. It looked like the inside of a firehouse. I got more photos but they all sucked. 
Milo had a blast. He got a plastic firehat, but didn't want anything to do with it until we got home. Then he fake-sneezed it off numerous times. 
Please enjoy a photo montage:

'i think i'll fake-sneeze this hat off my head...'



then he retrieves the hat to repeat the trick a million times. 

The woman at the pharmacy drive-thru said my hair looked nice so I took this photo.

We also had an addition to our family this past week. 

Ponyo the goldfish. now we are on our second Ponyo, but Milo doesn't know that. 

or...does he????

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  1. I agree with the woman at the drive-thru pharmacy window!