Friday, July 8, 2011


Years and years and years ago, I was sitting with my middle sister at the kitchen table in our old apartment on Hainesville that isn't there anymore. We were surrounded by brown paper grocery bags and it felt like it was our own little world. Our parents were nowhere to be seen (but they were probably in the living room). 

Apparently I was feeling feisty and my sis was feeling gullible because when I dared her to take a single noodle from our mac and cheese and shove it up her nose. 
I remember the conversation like it was yesterday:

*giggling* 'Hey Althea..should I shove this noodle up my nose...'

'hyuck hyuck, YEAH I DARE YOU!!!'

*Megan shoves noodle up her nose*

Thankfully, my parents didn't beat me to death. Megan flaunted her emergency room bracelet at me when she got home.

What the fuck does this have to do with karma, you ask? Well...let me tell you what the fuck it has to do with it...

Yesterday afternoon I was up here on my Mac (and you were across the street in the other Starbucks on YOUR Mac-name that movie) , working on a cleaning schedule for my store. 
And I hear an all-too-familiar shriek. 
'WHAT??? What happened?' while furiously typing, trying to get SOMEthing done...

Thinking he just got scratched by the cat or something, I admonish him to come upstairs. After a minute or so, I went down to find him in the middle of the living room with a kleenex in hand. 
'My nose! It hurt! Dees one!'
He points to his right nostril. I look up there and see what I think is a massive booger. I take the tissue and coach him through  blowing his nose. The 'booger' didn't move. 
Detective that I am, I looked around the room to find a Dum-Dum wrapper on the floor. I turn to my son in slow motion and say, "Milo, did you stick a sucker stick up your nose?"

*tears* 'YEAH!!!!!'
I immedeatly begin pacing and running my fingers through the left side of my hair (its quite soothing. I've found my nervous tic). The pediatrician recommended that I bring him to the ER to have it removed. 
Shit. I was without a car. My DH had switched cars on his way to a dentist appointment. He was picking up a piece of furniture from his parents' house and needed the bigger vehicle. 
I had to call the dentist, pull him out of the chair to tell him that we need to take the kid to the emergency room. 
I continue to pace and stroke my hair. Its really soothing. 

That's really the exciting part of the story. We went to the ER, everyone laughed, the doc pulled the stick out the kid's nose. 
Then we went to Steak N Shake. And THEN I had to go to work. 

Whew. Karma. The end. 


  1. wait, like, the whole entire 3 inch stick or whatever it is? the entire thing inside his head? aaaah!

  2. no, not the entire thing...the upper third of like an inch-long piece