Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day Two

I was toying with the idea of doing some sort of cleanse for some time. Not to magically lose a ton of weight-I know that will only happen with exercise; but to truly cleanse my body. 
And no, I am not merely referring to a need to poop my brains out. I wanted to see how the rest of my body would be affected by eating raw foods and drinking freshly prepared juice. 
With my new favorite thing ever:
Shitty photo for my new juicer
I've been loosely following this book's 3 day energy boost cleanse. I like this book because it is written for people who want to detox for different amounts of time and for those who are ready to commit to a raw lifestyle. There are TONS of recipes in there. 
Yesterday I had water with lemon, juice, a salad with some leftover roasted (I know, I know I cheated already) veggies, carrots with hummus...more water more salad...
Last night at work I felt like there was disgusting sludge emanating from my skin. I just felt a lot more aware of my body and how it was feeling. Which was last night, a little weak and sore and tired. 
But yeah, no cheese, no meat , no dairy, no grains/starches beyond the tempeh I had on the salad. 
I keep waiting for something crazy to happen, like intestinal cramping or stigmata or a very ladylike faint,  but so far nothing.  I will absolutely continue juicing, but this all-raw thing is not for me. I refused gelato last night. Granted, it was a boring flavor of gelato, but I didn't know that when I bought it...but still...GELATO. 
Eeenyways...I really want fried eggs and toast. 
That's about it. 

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