Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mere Days

Today Brian and I took Milo to Gameworks for his last hurrah as an only child. As with most things these days-the outing left me tired, hungry and thirsty...

I hope that Milo can remember what it was like before he became a big brother. Not because I think being a big brother is going to suck for him, but because I want him to remember what it was like to have us all to himself. I want him to feel special all the time. 

As we sat together as a family at the Pac-Man Battle Royal game, Brian and Milo fought each other and the Smith In Utero began kicking as the game got louder. 

Last night Brian and I went to see Moonrise Kingdom. I figured out why I love Wes Anderson films so-they make me remember how to see the beauty and magic in everyday life. 
The oppressive heat finally broke last night and to drive home at midnight with the windows down was a treat. The moon peeked its orange face through the clouds, and even the dead grass and flowers near the golf course were beautiful. 

I go in Tuesday to have this baby. People keep asking me if I am nervous. I tell them I won't be nervous until I climb on the table. Or when the doctor begins at ask me, 'Does this feel sharp or dull?'

So, blog-land, you may not hear from me for awhile. But you WILL hear from me. 

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