Friday, June 15, 2012

Still Alive

We have officially closed the sale of our townhouse and moved in with my in-laws. I got the call from our realtor on Friday at 2:41 pm asking if we could move that weekend. The only answer was yes. 
I took a moment to say goodbye to the first house I made into a home...the first place I brought my son to...the place I bought with my husband. Some memories are sweet, some a less so.
We are grateful for an approved short sale in this economy and for generous in laws willing to take us in. We are doing our best to keep everyone's lives right side up. We are grateful to our friends who dropped everything to come help us move. I wasn't much help, being 600 months pregnant and quite large. 
I am currently rather exhausted, so I am going to ignore my to do list and go cuddle on the couch with the kiddo and shut my eyes.
More someday. 


  1. That's a crazy whirlwind of life going on for you! Enjoy the one and only time you'll ever have a good excuse for not moving anything in the middle of a move :)

    1. Hey there!
      I did enjoy not having to move anything super heavy, but you can bet your booty that I packed boxes upon boxes upon boxes. I moved them!!!

  2. Congratulations on the short sale!

    Hang in there with the pregnancy -- I only made it 7 months and I was already getting really uncomfortable so I'm sure you're feeling the summer's heat, you poor thing.