Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey there.

Beth from KillerB hath tagged me. My brain is mush, so I can't think of something to write on my own. So here we go.

1. Would you rather have the ability to fly or to become invisible? Why?
Some of my favorite dreams are of flying. I don't want to be invisible, because I think I would spy on people and find out things I don't want to know! I'm nosy. 2. What is your favorite go-to dinner option?
Now that we are staying with my in-laws...frozen ravioli and jarred sauce (my inner chef is soooo embarrassed)3. Most quotable thing that YOU have ever said.
Last night, to my bestie Dana: 'If you're cold, go put some stuff on your things..."4. What is your greatest strength, or something that you are most proud of?
I'd like to think that I can make people feel good about themselvs. Bring someone out of the dumps. 5. What was the best vacation you ever took and what made it so incredible?
Punta Cana with my husband before we were married. It was such a different time. It was sexy and fun and relaxing and it changed me when I returned. Plus I met a giant rooster AND I got tan!!
Second best...Disney with the kid and the husb before kid #2 joined us. Great to see my little man enjoy the magic. Cannot wait to go back as a foursome. 6. If you had to relive a time in your life, what would you go back and do again?
If I had to relive it and do it differently I would have focused on getting into a good college right out of high school. I don't regret much but I do sometimes regret that. But I do NOT regret not having any loan payments to make!7. Tell me something you feel your parent(s) taught you that you still value to this day.
My parents taught me how to laugh. 8. If you had to bury a time capsule to represent this year, what three things would you put in it?
A moving box, paperwork and laundry detergent.9. Biggest pet peeve.
Whatever is irritating me at the moment. 10. Name your favorite non-major holiday and tell me why it's special to you.
Is Easter considered non-major? Its my favorite because it reminds me just how much God loves us. 11. What do you wish people would ask you about?
I wish people would STOP asking me how my newborn is 'letting me sleep'. HE DOESNT LET ME SLEEP!!! I'M TIRED!!! HE IS ONE MONTH OLD, DUDE!!!

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  1. Yaaay! I loved your answers :)

    "If you're cold, go put some stuff on your things..."

    So great.