Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Heightened Awareness

I had just sat down at the computer to do some research on the park district of the town to which we are supposedly moving.

The only people home were myself, my kids and my mother in law.

Then we heard it..one large thud, followed by other, faster thuds. Accompanied by the scream of a child. 

My mother in law and I leapt up from where we were sitting. She yells, 'WHERE ARE YOU?'.

We race up the stairs, round the corner into the first bedroom. 

The heavy dresser leans against the end of the bed. 

The scream is coming from underneath it. 

My mother in law and I heave the dresser off the bed. I grab my son; who wraps himself around me with his arms and legs. He's crying. 

I take him out into the hall to check him for blood, a concussion, bruises, anything. 

Nothing. A scratch on his leg. No blood. 

My mother in law was struggling with the heavy dresser. She says, 'Is there something behind it, I can't get it back up!'

The drawers had all been opened by a little boy looking for his Two-Face mask. Their combined weight tipped the dresser over onto the foot of the bed,forming a tent of dresser. 

If it weren't for the bed being where it was...I can't even. 

I hugged and kissed my son. I trembled and sweated and did NOT cry yet. 

But now the sunlight is brighter. The noises are louder. I could probably see in the dark right now. 

Then I saw this:

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  1. Glad Milo the Mountaineer survive in one piece. Did you find the Kubrick stuff on Anna's blog? Doesn't Kubrick just go to directly your spine?