Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yesterday I tried to get my oldest son to join me on a walk over a windy (but small) hill to investigate a lake. 

An honest LAKE. Man made to be sure, but old and BEHIND MY HOUSE.


We have a HOUSE now. 

It is the biggest BIGGEST thing I have ever lived in before in my whole very entire LIFE. 

It has a basement and a garage and an oven with GAS and a new bookshelf and a big bedroom for everyone and an EXTRA BEDROOM.

Never before in my life have I lived somewhere with a whole extra BEDROOM. 

Milo flatly refused ( well not flatly. he was quite dramatic about it ) to come with to the lake. 

I'll get him there. I wonder if the kids here skate on it when it freezes. There a is also a total sled hill. 


  1. Welcome back, I missed you. Love the photos you posted earlier. I remember getting my first house, enjoy all the memories you and the family make. Hugs. Aunt Dede

  2. How exciting! Congrats on your new place :)