Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Boys Are Gross, But I Love Mine

Int. Morning, my house

A 31-year old, overweight, slightly attractive woman walks through a hallway and comes across a crumpled t-shirt on the floor

Althea : "Hey, Milo, why is your new Darth Vader t-shirt on the floor?"

Milo (without looking up from his computer game, and with the tone of someone pointing out something painfully obvious) : "Cause der was POOP on it."

Althea : "Uh, so why was there poop on it? How did that happen?"

Milo : "I don't KNOW MOM!"

Althea : "oh."


Int. mid-afternoon, my office area

Aforementioned woman walks through her home holding a large baby. She has just changed her shirt because the baby has just puked on it.

Baby is held facing out in the hopes that any further spew will land on the easily wiped floor.

Woman sits at her computer, with baby still in facing-out position.

Baby pukes on her jeans. 

Althea : " REALLY?!!??"



  1. WELCOME and you have all my sympathies. But believe me girls can be just as gross and us mommies love them just as much.

  2. Oh man. Can't do wrong with poop and puke all in one day. Or you totally can. yes. yes you can.

  3. I knew from the title of this post that I would like it :)