Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Countdown

AH, the happy season of December...

Like an idiot, I decided to knit two major gifts at the beginning of the month. One is almost done, the other...not so much. But its the one for Silas, so I guess he won't be mad...

Today we decorated cookies. I type this as Silas is in his swing while Milo (completely jacked on royal icing) dances to Christmas songs to amuse him. 

 Maybe I went a little nuts with the macro, but sprinkles are just SO PRETTY
This baby has been up since six a.m. without a decent nap. 

I enjoy his feet.

Even when the boys get photobombed by them.

It begins...

I am debating letting him run around outside. But he will want me to chase him. And I do not want to chase him. 

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