Monday, March 15, 2010

He is TWO!!! (and some stuff I made)

I am now the mother to a toddler. Oh my goodness. Saturday was the party AND the birthday. I love when that works out. We had a smallish family gathering, although it looked like a big party in our smallish townhouse. 
Okay. Forgive the not-so-great photos. If anyone has a super-awesome Nikon they wanna give will get better photos. Heehee. This is my messy kitchen the night before the party. I stayed up to bake. I sewed that banner thingie all by myself!!! I wanted something we could use more than once. 
Okay, another not-so-great one, but I wanted to show off the construction paper letters I made and Mr. Smith hung up. That's pretty much all the decoration we had!
Streusel cupcakes from Martha's cupcake book. The recipe made WAAAAAY too much streusel topping, so if anyone has ideas...I need to use it up. 

Birthday boy having said cupcake for breakfast. 
Auntie Megan helping Milo get Mack out of the box. Remember what I said about perfect blonde hair? Yeah. Perfect. And natural. Please try not to hate her. 
Baby sister Emilie. We don't get to see her a lot because she is in college, so we were all very grateful that she got to come out for this!!!! She was giving me a hard time about taking a dorky photo of her so I snapped this one. I don't think it is dorky at all. Hah. 
Action shot of Milo and my cousin Spencer. Milo REALLY likes Spencer. 
Group shot from my vantage point. Let's see...we have (from far left) : My Aunt Mary (her head is right above the bottle of Cherry Coke Zero), my mother-in-law (also named Mary), my mom (not Mary. Debbe. In the purple), Spencer again, Emilie, Milo, Megan and brother-in-law Brad in the foreground. 

The redhead is my BFF's son Jeremy. He was teasing Milo with one of the cars they brought him. I've known Jeremy since he was Milo's age. Wow. I love that kid. His parents did a good job. 
From left...Spencer again, Milo, Caroline (Jeremy's sister and another one of my BFFs. I love those redheads like they were my family, for real.), Mary the MIL, Debbe the mom, and Jeremy in front. I have no idea what they are looking at. 
Lighting the candles.
Note the expression on Milo's face. 

Before we started singing, I screeched "TAKE A PICTURE OF THE CAKE!!!!' Devil's food with vanilla frosting. There is one piece left and I MIGHT eat it for breakfast today. 
The expression on Milo's face means "Can I have cake yet?"
Also,please ignore my grossly large upper arms. They are a result of genetics. Thanks, ancestors...
Crazy eyes and bag of wrapping paper on the floor. Welcome to my life. At least I only have ONE chin in this pic. 
Milo got sets of silverware with wheels on them. This is Milo at the after-party...driving his fork...He has also taken his (hard, poky, metal) cars to bed with him since this party. Naps too. Loves them. 

This photo was taken by my mother in law. I love his smile. I also enjoy kissing those cheeks. This kid will actually come up to me, throw his arms around me and SMASH his cheek into my lips for a kiss. Heaven. Seriously. I said to Mr. Smith last night, " Sometimes, I look at him (Milo) and my heart wants to explode, I love him so much."
Mr. Smith nodded knowingly. He's a smartypants. 
Another good smiley one. That shirt made him look like a big boy badass skater/mechanic. 
DO YOU NOT WANT TO SQUEEZE THIS KID??? I mean really. He is going to be sooooo embarrassed by this post when he's 14...sorry Milo...
Oh. Here's the cake the night before. In the fridge so the frosting would set up. I got that cake stand for FIVE BUCKS!!! I LOVE resale shops. Like...REALLY A LOT. 
BASIL!!!! And chives and some struggling flowers in the back there. I think I killed them already. But the cilantro is up too! I need to go buy pots for all these little babies!!!
Well, that's about it. I wanted to post lots of photos for people who weren't at the party. I also wanted documentation that I maybe have a wee bit of a green thumb. Although it is pretty early in the season to say. 
The End. 


  1. happy birthday milo! looks like fun!

  2. dude. DUDE! STOP being so self-critical!!! You look freaking great!!! you have SO lost weight since I saw you last. For realz. Also, Milo is so freaking CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Why can't I be Auntie Megan too!?!??! Why can't you live closer?!?!!? WHY?