Friday, March 5, 2010

Water Heater Tales

Sometimes in the morning Mr. Smith takes a shower before work. He likes to take a long time in the shower because he really likes the steam affect. So he uses a lot of hot water. 

And for some silly reason our water heater doesn't like to heat back up in time for me (Mrs. Smith, of course) to get a shower  before the goo starts shouting for MOMEEEEEEEEEEE. 

I have gotten pretty fast at showering, which I find amusing because I used to really take my time in the shower. When I worked at Aveda (years ago) , my best friend would come over to use my shower stuff. Legendary. 

*random side note* Do police cars and ambulances and fire trucks all have different siren selections inside? We live by a fire station and hear a really lot of them. And I just heard one that I have never heard before. Leads me to wonder...

Anyways. I am waiting for the water heater to fill back up or heat back up or whatever it does so I don't have to take an entirely freezing shower. 

This is what I look at most of the time. 

This is a pretty rad Milo self-portrait. 

This is fruit salad that Milo did not want. 

This is the pear carcass that he DID want. 

This is me trying to photograph the two of us. 

This is a photograph from a day when we got REALLY dressed up and went to a church and then had a really big party with all our family and friends. 

See? FANCY!!!!

Now I am off to take my hopefully-not-entirely-freezing-cold shower. And then I get to go have lunch with a new friend. Yay!!!!

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