Friday, March 19, 2010

Something to do

To be perfectly honest...Milo smells bad and I don't really want to deal with it right now. Before you call me a terrible mother, I'd like to note that I am also trying to help him become more aware of when his butt stinks. Wish me luck.
This particular post is my reason for killing some time before wiping poo yet AGAIN. (sorry)
P.S. I just changed him while all the photos were uploading. 
The brief period of the day before the living/dining/play room gets trashed. 

Milo is learning what the cats will tolerate. Plus I liked his pajamas that morning-2008(I think) Wiffle shirt and red/white striped pants. 

The addition of my slippers really makes the ensemble POP. 

I left the room to do something and when I returned i saw...

The light in our bedroom was really good. 

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  1. looks like you put him in jail after he had fun with the wipe or kleenex or whatever it was!!