Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I live for quemada salsa from Taco Fresco. I put it on my egg in the morning and my nachos at lunch. A pint costs $1.25 (less, with my mall discount). I could eat it on almost anything. 

I am currently doing the same workout video that my friend's mom does. I still hate it. Working out sucks. But being grossly overweight sucks more. In my opinion. 

I am often still tired after my first cup of coffee, but the second one makes me jittery and nauseous. 

I no longer love the cats that live in my house. They fart at me on purpose and vomit on my Christmas tree skirt.

I want Jessica Simpson's hair.

I want Kim Zolciak's wigs. All of the recent ones. Not the early busted ones. 

Rose jam bubbleroon is great but I think it gave me a migraine last night.

I think I am a better writer than most of them on xoJane

Housework sucks and is pointless, but I still have to do it.

The above fact makes me want to cry. 

Whining (by children or adults) gives me an involuntary facial tic.

I have given up on keeping my potted herbs alive through the winter, but they are still on my kitchen table. 

I washed my hands with this soap at work the other day and I literally thought I had shit on my hands. Its gross. 

Unpaid work conference calls are stupid. 

I got this because of her because I think she is cute and I secretly want to look like her. But not actually BE like her. She's a little cuckoobananas. 

I have never had a burger with a fried egg on top.

I have never ridden on a motorcycle, and I probably never will. 

I hope that this was amusing for you.

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