Friday, December 23, 2011

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I'm sorry for being such a boring blogger...
I have been really busy and tired for reasons I am not gonna say yet on the intertubes.

Today we head to St. Louis MO to spend Christmas with my  in-laws. The kiddo is looking forward to playing with his cousins and of course for SANTA TO COME!!!!!
I won't re-say what has been said a billion times. But the holidays really are more fun with kids. I love to watch the joy as they open gifts. The way I return this joy is by being just as psyched when I open MY gifts. I love presents. 

I just got one of the best texts EVER...from my husband...'I will have pizza for us when I come home.'

For a SAHM married to man who only cooks spaghetti (mighty fine spaghetti, albeit infrequent), not having to worry about preparing a meal is friggen AWESOME.

Merry Christmas. Happy whatever other holidays you celebrate. I  plan to be extremely emo and grateful that my savior was (apparently) born on December 25th.


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