Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photos! And a NEW BABY!!!

My lovely middle sister welcomed her daughter this past weekend, and I am proud to have her permission to share photos here:
I call her Izzy, or sometimes Izzy Buhzizzie. Born Sunday at 6:29 am. Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!!!

Yesterday after I picked Milo up from school we went to visit the two who are now three. I couldn't be prouder of my sister and her husband for creating this beautiful life!!!

As for me, I am starting to look more pregnant, less bloated:
Full disclosure...I DID have a slice from Olando's yesterday. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cravings are string, what can I say? I have a freaking post-partum boot camp workout DVD, dammit. 
16 weeks yesterday. Everything is healthy. I go in for the bigass measuring ultrasound in a few weeks. 

I leave for Toronto EARLY Sunday morning. So early, in fact, that I will only have a chance to kiss this sweet face goodbye in his bed before I leave him for six days:
I know the photo is blurry but I DO love that face.
He conked out in the car on the long ride back from my sister's house and blessedly, napped on the couch for awhile:
I crawled onto the other end of the couch and napped too. Naps are sadly infrequent in this house, so when he takes them, SO DO I!!!
And last but not least, a link for you to check out: the styling on this website is incredible and I wish I were rich/skinny enough to wear these clothes. 
Now I am going to tie a scarf over my hair like Lucille Ball and clean my house while letting Milo watch entirely too much television. 

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  1. Izzy is beautiful! Congrats Merriman's! Good job!

    I am going to miss you when you are so far away. I'm sure Milo will miss you even more.

    If you were that skinny and dressed like that, we could not be friends.