Friday, February 3, 2012

Entering...Phase Stupid

Last weekend my (very pregnant) middle sister told me that 'pregnancy brain' is a myth. That pregnancy doesn't REALLY affect your memory or your mind. 

I think that fact was stated by a man. Perhaps the very same man who claims that men get PMS. To that I say bullshit. 

Please allow a quick rundown of the 'ditzy stuff' I've done this past week for which I am TOTALLY blaming pregnancy brain:

Ruined my favorite cutting board (bamboo and enormous)by temporarily setting it on the stovetop; then turning on the wrong burner when I wanted a cup of tea. My house filled with smoke and my theory of being able to 'sand it off' was laughed off by my DH who informed me that the burn was a least an eighth of an inch deep. 

Pouring Goldfish crackers for the kid into my (leftover and different) cup of tea, while his plate sat empty on my other side.

Forgetting the very thing I spent the day preparing for a friend (roasted pepper soup). 

There will be more, rest assured. 

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