Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday I was completely exhausted by the end of my day. We stayed in all day, but I was rather productive. Baked cookies, made dinner, cleaned up the mess, went to work...

My husband had an appointment in the afternoon and I had to work; so my awesome father-in-law stopped over on his way home from work (in the driving snow) to babysit. When he does this I insist on feeding him before I leave. 
I was rushing around like a crazy person when I realized that I had no dinner (as the spaetzle was not finished) and I could not eat anything at the mall (I've given up fast food for Lent). I threw together a small sandwich , some kale chips and ran out the door. 
It was not enough. 
By nine pm I was ravenous. 
By ten-thirty I was barely able to keep my eyes open to hear about my husband's incredible afternoon. 

And the snow has continued to fall. Outdoors is beautiful. I will bring my camera out with me this morning and post later today.

I am so glad it is Friday. Grateful for recent developments and praying to be a compassionate and kind person today. 

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