Thursday, February 18, 2010

50 randoms

Stick with me...I'm a really interesting person...I did this on spacepage but this one will be better.

1.I have to pull out a odd number of paper towels in public bathrooms. Usually three or five.
2. My only 2 regrets are not going to college and breaking the heart of a good guy (if you're out there, guy-I hope some good came of it for you. I hope you found someone better for you.). Although hurting him led me to Christ...I guess that can't be a regret, huh?
3. I was NOT a person who napped until I had a baby.
4. I really enjoy round things...circles, people, polka dots
5. I don't think I am meant to have long hair.
6. My only real irrational fear is zombies.
7. My son has my eyes and my husband's eyelashes.
8. I have only ever traveled outside the country once.
9. High-strung, skinny people irritate me.
10. I am drawn to people that intimidate others.
11. I cannot be assertive. I go right to b*tchy.
12. Apparently I can pull off (at age 28) the same hairstyle I had at age 15. Take THAT, old ladies!!!!
13. I enjoy messing with people who are anal retentive. I am really NOT, so I enjoy chaos.
14. I married the perfect man for me.
15. I get really bad B.O. sometimes. I remember when I first started stinking. My mom and my sister made fun of me, and I was embarrassed and kept spraying Malibu Musk into my pits.
16. My dad said , "Althea's got hooters!" when my mom told him that we got me a training bra.
17. My parents really are rather loving people-they just have an odd way of showing it.
18. I get my sense of style from my dad.
19. I get my easy access to my emotions (and my writing chops) from my mom.
20. I wanted a divorce for my parents throughout my teen years. Then when they actually DID split up (I was an adult and living a couple states away) it was still really hard.
21. The only red lipstick I have ever liked on me is Chanel Fatale. Of course it had to be Chanel.
22. I love my friends like they are my family.
23. Sometimes I think I am crazy.
24. I have never once had a career.
25. I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up.
26. The ladies in my small group are wonderful and I never want this study to end.
27. I really like Jewish food.
28. That being said, I want a bagel with cream cheese, homemade lox, sliced red onions and cucumbers for breakfast. Always.
29. Roasted veggies are the BEST.
30. Easter is my favorite holiday.
31. I will never be a vegetarian again.
32. I remember the first word I read and mispronounced. It was 'gee'. And Ernie said it to his rubber duckie in a book.
33. I REALLY want to learn to sew with cotton jersey.
34. I am no good at applying eye makeup.
35. I have worn glasses since third grade .
36. I read lots of crafty blogs instead of being crafty myself. But I'm working on that.
37. I consider myself a brave person.
38. I also consider myself a weak person.
39. We thought our second cat, Squishface, was a female until we took him to the vet. In retrospect we would have named him Mr. Pants.
40. I only got pregnancy stretch marks on the left side of my body.
41. Being told that I '...don't LOOK like a mom...' flatters me to no end. I never wanna be one of those frumpy, dumpy housewives. Oh, the temptation is there, don't get me wrong. Very frequently the only adult I see is my husband. But he asked me to not wear sweats every day, so I try not to.
42. I am a REALLY good speller.
43. I don't care to play video games. I have NO eye-hand co-ordination. NONE.
44. I won Best Actress in high school twice, for the only two plays I was ever in. I'd like to be in a play again someday.
45. My first Phish show and the resulting effects changed my life.
46. I know when to use 'effect' and 'affect'.
47. I just got my hair cut really short and I LOVE IT. I still feel feminine with this shorty short-short cut, and that's rare.
48. I cannot WAIT for yard sale season to begin.
49. I wish I could tell Stephanie Nielson how beautiful I think she is.
50. I wake up with random songs in my head.
51. I have champagne tastes and a beer pocketbook.

Thanks for sticking with me!!!! Now you do yours on your blog! Post your link in the comments, I'd LOVE to read all about you!!!
Oh and P.S. here's my new hair (I need to learn some better formatting...)


  1. Great list.
    I love circles, too:

  2. I really enjoyed reading through this and not learning anything about you. :) It's funny how many of these things we discovered together. I love you Althea!

  3. it is true, Dana...I looked. You know all of those things about me already.
    I love you too!!!!