Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is What Happens

that is Mr Potato-Head's green hat

When you give your
toddler the camera.I have LOTS more like this. The funniest part is how he says 'Cheese' to himself.

Today I woke up and sneezed 7594216 times. It sucked.
My sister's birthday is tomorrow. I think I will make her some cupcakes and maybe I will buy her a shower curtain rod like she has wanted for awhile. My sister Megan is the kindest, most generous person ever. She loves to make her home welcoming and she is SUCH a good auntie to the Goo. I love her very much That's her down there on the right side.
She also has naturally perfect blonde hair but I don't have any photos of that. The other one-the tan one is our baby sister Emilie. She is the one with the dancing talent. Oh-Megan and I can get down...but Emilie is the one who dances on pointe. En pointe?
I love that one very much as well. 

This is an old photo of Milo and I that I just found while poking around. I like how his cheeks are all rosy from nursing. I had almost forgotten that used to happen.

He is going to be TWO YEARS OLD, people. My little snuggly nursling has turned into a monster boy who growls at me to be scary, but still gets scared when I let a RRRRROOOOWWWWWRRRRR (I can be very frightening). The party planning is underway. We went all out for his first birthday, so this year we are keeping things small: hosting at our teeny townhouse, only inviting immediate family and close friends, NOT renting the clubhouse in our complex...
(by 'underway', I mean that hopefully some of the invitations will go out in the mail today. yeah. I stink. )

Tonight I get to go on a date with my hunny!!!!
(that's him)

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