Thursday, February 25, 2010

Documentation of a Date (sort of)

Last night Mr. and Mrs. Smith went on a date. 
They went to a high school auditorium far far away so that they could listen to a man read them some stories. 
But first they got milkshakes. 
The photographic evidence of the milkshakes has vanished, along with the milkshakes. Mr. Smith was being funny about why he did not want the mint Oreo milkshake. He also gave a very fake smile when Mrs. Smith took his photograph in the dimly lit auditorium. 
Mrs. Smith was kinda green from the mint Oreo milkshake she had. But not really.

All these people read books.

The man of the hour. Mr. Neil Gaiman.
He read two chapters from two of his books,  Stardust and Anansi Boys. 
Mrs. Smith has read both of those books. She really likes to read voraciously and this particular author is very readable for her. 
Mr. Smith is a very thoughtful man and discovered this reading. He got free tickets and bought his wife an autographed copy of ANOTHER book by this guy. 
That was very sweet and lovey, don't you think? 
Or maybe he just did it so that Mrs. Smith can't get on his case about dirty socks on the floor?
Hm. The questions of the universe. 
Mrs. Smith and Mr. Smith had fun on their date. They did NOT ponder any questions of the universe. 
Milo did, though. About how further to torture Squishface. 

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