Friday, February 12, 2010

A Day in the Life

Okay, so this was my attempt to document my day in photos. You can see breakfast in the making, me before coffee, the first morning glimpse of Milo,my favorite coffee mug,Milo eating...and the view from my living room window.
I am not very good at editing yet so they are not labeled and they are NOT in order. Deal with it. Life is tough.
I am home from Superdawg now, Milo is sleeping , and Brian is downstairs playing video games. Later he will go out for beer (yum) and I think I will go work on that rag rug.
Yes, I am coming along with it. Yes, it is taking much longer than expected. A family friend said the other day , "There's gotta be an easier way to do that."
Yes, it was a male friend. I replied, "Well, the POINT was to NOT spend any money on this. I have so far spent a total of $ 2.12 on this rug."
Then he nodded, probably assuming I was crazy. You can buy a kitchen rug for less than $10!!! Silly girl...
But, no one will ever have a rug like mine. Including me if I don't get my butt in gear. Enjoy the photos. I have more and will post them someday.
I hope everyone had a really good weekend. My love to all.

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