Monday, April 25, 2011


Yesterday we celebrated Easter with my husband's parents and grandparents.
My back was sore and stiff from helping my mother on an adventure the day before. Thank you, husband for watching the child that day-I love you more.  
My left eye kept watering and I was very sneezy. Thankfully, though, not entirely wheezy. 
Last night I went to bed early because the Blackhawks were on and I was bored. They won. Yay. 
Today I am less stiff and hopefully not sick. Today I will try and convince my PCP to give me a four-day dose of antibiotics. Because this is the worst week EVER to get sick. 
Friday I go to get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled from my head. And I'm pretty sure the oral surgeon won't do it if I am sick.
SEE? Worst. Week. Ever. 
Blues Brothers Charms in the Swarvoski Store Window
To be sick, that is. 
For now it is business as usual. Take the kid to class. Eat a million clementines and pray that whatever this is infecting my head will go AWAY BY FRIDAY. 

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