Saturday, April 30, 2011

Four Less Than Before

Teeth, that is...

Yesterday morning my lovely sister came over to watch my lovely child while my lovely husband drove me to my lovely oral surgeon to get ALL FOUR of my wisdom teeth pulled. 

General anesthesia is AWESOME. I felt like the surgery literally took five minutes. And I did open my eyes during. My thought was...'Man, everything is bloody. I wonder why they aren't worried about it. I hope they clean that up.'

They weren't worried because they weren't FINISHED. Durrr. 

I woke up a little loopy. I kept trying to walk alone, and the nurse and my husband were all like, 'Um, yeah you better slow down.'

When I arrived home, my sister began to giggle at my swollen, gauze-stuffed face. Which made me giggle. Which caused my mouth to fill with blood. Which made my sister laugh harder. 
Don't get me wrong, she's not a cruel person. In the least. She just giggles infectiously. 
SO here I am, one day post-op. Stitches and swollen face. And eyebrows that need waxing, but oh well. 
And random cat on bed behind. 
Soup for the next few days. I have decided that Red Pepper is a perfectly acceptable breakfast dish made better with goat cheese. And that instant mashed potatoes mixed into boxed french onion soup is pretty damn good. 
Now I am going to wear leggings as pants and lounge around while I wait for my bestie and her daughter to arrive. I'm watching (and letting Milo watch) entirely too much TV.
And you know what?!?! THAT IS OKAY!!!


  1. Everybody should look so good post oral surgery!

  2. my face is rounder than that even when it isn't swollen, so don't feel bad! hope you heal quickly.