Thursday, April 21, 2011

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I've been meaning to create this amazing post about my birthday; but I am  good enough with neither time management or writing to do something like that. Apparently. 

The fun truly didn't stop for my 30th. Except for one really sh*tty email the day before; my week before and week after were grand. 

My husband has a weird talent.Don't get grossed out. He's REALLY good at buying clothes for me. As in...when he comes home with something he picked out, it generally is really cute. What can I say-he knows me. And he knows that I don't spend the time or money on my appearance that I once did; so he does his best to help in that area. 

Digression-I had purchased a cheap-o full-length mirror in order to showcase all my rad new clothes, but within five minutes of me bringing it inside it was broken. I didn't even get it up the stairs. 

The dear husband also threw a get-together at the house. That had a dual purpose-to celebrate MOI and to try and get a woman for our friend. Any single ladies want to go out with a super-cool dude, LET ME KNOW!!!!
The party was super-fun. People from work came by, which is always nice. Some didn't come and were missed. But I guess you can't be friends with everyone. And I suppose that being 30...I am not supposed to worry about that anymore. 
There is more, but my munchkin just woke up. Time for coffee,snuggles and the morning struggle. Then off to mother's. 

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