Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Night

I didn't have to work, so I planned a tasty meal. Like one I used to cook before I started working nights. 
Nigella Lawson's Asian Braised Beef with Tangy Mashed Parsnips and Potatoes with Hot and Sour Shredded Salad. 

I was most of the way through the dinner prep when I reached under the sink and found (drum roll please)...


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our ghetto, cheap-arse, janky no-name faucet finally bit the dust. 
This was what my Mac looked like last night:

Can you read my tabs? 'remove leaky faucet',
But my mother and father in law came over (after getting back from a cruise no less) and helped us out. Through the removal , the trip to Menards and the installation. 
And now I have a SWEEEEEET new kitchen faucet. There's a photo on Facebook. 
And the dinner got eaten, just without the salad or the wine pairing. Frankly, I'm thrilled just to have a working kitchen sink. 
Also...I have recently discovered two beauty maintenance treatments slash completely unnecessary expenses (depending on your opinion of these things):
Shellac Soak-Off nail color (and my friend Bethany to apply it for me)
Eyelash tinting
These are two things that really help me look (and feel) pulled together with basically no maintenance.
With the Shellac, my nails don't chip or break. I am not constantly having to file them down so they don't snag or cursing under my breath because I broke a nail while opening a cabinet.
I was raving about it at work the other day, and our resident Green Warrior was like, 'That is so toxic.'. I looked at her and and called her a freakin hippie. Although I do not think I said freaking.
I love it. My nails are like...actual NAILS.
Now the eyelash tinting. I went and got them done with a gift card, so it was a relatively frivolously spent $20. I am waiting to see how long it lasts...basically I am now keeping track of the growth cycle of my eyelashes for cost effectiveness purposes. Because I no longer need mascara! And there isn't makeup smeared below my eyes! Yay!
It's 20 bucks, and the time away from my wife/mother we'll see.
In closing: how about this WEATHER!? DAAAANG...


  1. i am curious about the tinting. how long does it take? are there risks? how long is it supposed to last?

  2. It took about 20 minutes. I would imagine the risks include weird stuff like blindness, but they do protect your eyes with these nifty little paper dealies.
    I am not sure how long it is supposed to last. I'm guessing as long as the growth cycle of an eyelash. And I have NO idea how long that is. But mine are really light, and I had them tinted black, so I'll know for sure when they fall out. I'll let you know.