Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thunder and Lightning OH MY Plus a Love Story.

Summer in Illinois means one thing...giant thunderstorms. 
Last night's was a big one. Thunder was shaking my house before a single drop fell. 
Then I went to work...came home...watched some of Scott Pilgrim (which I TOTALLY thought I was going to hate and I ended up REALLY liking so far)...went to bed around 1130...

And was awakened by massive thunder. Then I was further awakened by a frightened little boy crawling into my bed. 

You would think...that's sweet...snuggle with the kiddo and protect him from the scary thunderstorm all mommy-style...
Which happened. For all of eighteen seconds. Then he started kicking and asking questions. And shifting. At four AM. When my husband's alarm goes off at 5:37. Dang. 

He would only go back to his own bed if I gave him milk. Chocolate milk. Which I did. Because I was delirious. 
I have created a monster. 

Now. Today is my fourth wedding anniversary. I tell people that in the story of How Brian and Althea Got Together, I look really bad. Laughably so, even. I mean ... the story begins with me meeting him while he was dating my then-best friend. She and I are still close, but not as close as we were then. And that's totally ok! hi Becci! Love you!!!
Then there's the part where I got him to break it off with his fiancee when we reconnected almost 5 years later. 
Yeah. I know. Please don't judge me. 
But our relationship has proven to me time and again that God places us with people for a reason. My husband has helped me learn so much about myself. He is a hands-on dad and a loving husband. I don't write him the flowery love notes I used to. And I think I should try to do that more often. I will, hunney! I love you!!!
Some photos from the happy day 4 years ago:
Lighting the unity candle together that had been already lit by our mothers who are now , obviously united to each other. 

I just love this one. Right before the reception in the limo. 
Our wedding and reception were totally magical. It was an amazing party that also resulted in the union of two people who were meant for each other. 
Love you, Mr. Smith!!!!

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