Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colors and The Things Around Us

Wow. I've been coming on to blogger and reading, not writing. That's not really the purpose. 
I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled on April 29th and am still healing. Let me tell you...having oral surgery is terrible. My only surgery reference point was abdominal surgery when I was 19 and my c-section with the kiddo. I was terrified. The only good thing about being a panicky freak is that things generally aren't as bad as I make them in my mind. 
So now I have holes in my mouth that are slowly slllllowly healing closed. They aren't too painful except for the lower left. The one with the nerve. That ow. 
Other changes to the Life of've been having nightmares about people who do not wish me well. Recently I have removed someone (rather harshly, in retrospect) from my life and I'm dreaming about her. 
But last night was a doozy. About a woman I shall refer to as Melissa. In real life, she's got something against me. In my dream last night she was being fake-nice and tricksy. Yuck. 
Moving on. 
I am finally feeling well enough and the weather is finally dependably nice enough for daily walks around the hood. I'm taking advice from Rebecca Woolf and bringing the camera along. 
He wasn't angry-he was trying to unscrew the bolt on the hydrant. 
Yesterday we debuted his big wheel. Pedaling is hard, so he just mostly scooted around with his feet. 

And then we went home. 


  1. Where'd ya get that cute kid?
    If "rhymeswithmelissa" gets tricksy with you, I'll punch her. ok, not really.
    If you think you were harsh with the other one, apologize.
    If she doesn't accept, you weren't harsh.
    God's haunting your dreams for a reason. Things usually turn out better when you figure it out quickly.
    Love, Me.

  2. ....I know where I can get the proper wrench for that fire hydrandt. ....and then, OH BOY could we have some fun!!!!!!!!

  3. Sam will we get in trouble if we open the hydrant because I SO WANT TO!!!!!! I have never played in one before.
    Dana...I don't...want to apologize. I feel like all I ever do is apologize sometimes, and I don't really feel too wrong about it. But there's always doubt. You know?