Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Fash Ferosh

I wanted to link up for Fall Fashion Week at Emery's blog, but I realized this week that I have not worn ANY THING new this week. SO, to not be a party pooper and link SOMETHING interesting, I will post the most fashiony look I've done this year.

Me and my bestie. 
Silk wrap dress by Betsey Johnson, long beaded necklace from F21, Pincurls by me. 
My hair is a LOT shorter now. 

Here's another good one...

Outside the Southern for my 30th. Red hair by Bethany, most amazing jacket EVER by Betsey Johnson. LAMB purse.
From pre-child days when I spent money on things like that. 
I have a goofy face because I was cold and REALLY WANTED to go inside. 


  1. I love your changing hairstyles! The bright red is awesome, kind of like Lola from Run Lola Run!

  2. You hair is so much fun! And that coat is positively fabulous!

  3. that forever 21 necklace is amazing! so 20s. and i love all of your hairstyles and colors!

  4. Wow! I love your hair!! And the print on your coat is super fun!