Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wrong Side

Went to bed early last night. Woke up early, as my DH kissed me goodbye and somehow landed on my elbow, scaring me. 

I should have gotten up. But I didn't. 

And now for some reason I am super-grouchy. 
This is me-the old-school Oscar with the accent. The orange Oscar. 

I am starting to hate Facebook. As I have mentioned before , it has torn my family (even further) apart and serves as a vehicle for their passive-agressiveness to flourish. It also serves as a painful reminder that I de-friended a former good friend and now rarely speak to any of our mutual friends. It reminds me that my first real boyfriend cheated on me and then dumped me for a skinny, nasal-voiced girl with tattoos who was closer to his own age. It reminds me that there are just some things that people including myself will not let go.
I think I am going to un-pin the app from my phone and take a break. People who want to get in touch with me know how to find me. 
The kiddo's first real (9:30-11:30) day of school was yesterday. He LOVED it. I am so excited for this season of our lives. 
I had last night off and played Start the Party with the family. It was FUN. Except you use the camera...and I could see how bulgy I've gotten. Ew. 
Today my plan is to do a strength workout and become more grateful for the positive things in my life. I wanted to take kid swimming but he just told me he no like dat. 
Ah well. 
Hopefully I will have some writing exercises done. Need to work THAT muscle soon. 


  1. Passive-agressive is overrated and DOESN'T WORK! People will find another vehicle if it isn't facebook. Don't blame the messenger.

  2. I don't disagree, but I think that FB allows people more exposure to one another and people tend to say/post things without thinking. I've certainly done it. Better to keep silent and let everyone think I'm a fool than to open my mouth and leave them no doubt.
    Or something?

  3. Absolutely.(Except you are NOT a fool. Problems with Facebook 1)It can be anonymous 2)It doesn't convey emotion.3)you can deliver one message to an audience of thousands in just one keystroke. People will write or say things without thinking anyway. Facebook can be like having an argument in a crowded place; you should do it in private or the whole world can "hear" & put their two cents in. Then, it snowballs into...whatever. HOWEVER; it can also be used for good and convenience.People will find their vehicle and use it for good or evil.