Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well, two of them. 

I've recently cut my hair quite short. I've had people say really splendid things about it. But the one that confuses me is, 'You have the face for short hair.'
What does that mean?
That I resemble this:

Image Source

In some way?
Because that bitch can rock a pixie cut. 

Kind of cracking myself up right now. Halle Berry....haha. 

Happy belated birthday to my spectacular and fabulous father, who gifted me with an innate sense of the ridiculous and a spot-on sense of style (honed during years of watching awards shows and critiquing the gowns). 

And happy almost-birthday to my dear, dear father-in-law. Ken, I find you to be intelligent, witty and an amazing grill cook. 

We appreciate all that you do, and we love you!!!

Yeah-my dad and my dad-in-law have birthdays in the same week. Sweet. 

I joined Pintrest. I have no fucking idea how it works. I guess that's not really a question. Help me? 

Dude, my downstairs neighbors smoke a LOT. I lived in houses where there was smoking ... i can't now imagine living in a house that smells like our entry does sometimes. Gross. 
I hear these terrible hacking coughs in the morning. NAST. 
Really good reason to quit. 

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