Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trois Choses Qui Me Rendent Heureux

(three things that make me happy)

My fragrances upon a thrifted glass tray. The tray itself is pretty awesome, with concentric circles (my favorite shape) on the bottom. 

My stovetop with my Le Creuset Dutch oven (thank you Mary), Le Creuset teakettle (thank you bestie)and my cupcake tea towels (thank you Santa). 
And a Yankee Candle Mistletoe and Fig candle (discontinued, bought for five bucks and then dropped on the floor and broken) inside a thrifted milk glass footed something. I love it because it looks a little Deco.  I don't know what it was for, but I love them. I have a succulent transplanted into one on my balcony. Photo tomorrow. 
This combo glows beautifully when the candle is lit.

These material things make me smile when I see them. I think it is important to surround oneself with things (and people) that you love. 
Sorry the photos are crappy. I opted for less-than-stellar photos and a timely blog post rather than nothing. 

On a personal note...the kiddo has started school (LOVES IT), we have started to try and sell our condo, and I got a raise at work. 
The best of those three things is school. The raise was not what I asked for, and not as much as I feel I deserve (but oh well). The condo is listed as a short sale and I have been hoping for the best while planning to remain here awhile. In the meantime, my house is really clean!
Yesterday was International Peace Day. 

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  1. I'm cyberstalking you because I miss you. Love the post!