Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kristen Bell

Occasionally I will find myself thinking back to the time when women were treated as fragile beings. When women got things called 'the hysterics' and fainting couches were in many homes. 

This time frame may only exist in my mind due to the novel Little Women and the few period dramas I ever saw. A time when women had to be handled gently and carefully. A woman needed help getting into a carriage...etc...the kids had to be quiet because mummy was having the vapors...stuff like that. 

Occasionally I will wish for a time like this. When I am feeling emotional and out of control. Basically, anywhere above a 7 or below a 3 on the emotional scale.

Kristen Bell knows EXACTLY what I am talking about here. 

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Thank you. 


  1. I swear, I'm in tears if I'm below a 4 or above a 6! ;) I think I spent most of today there. I should have been on a couch, obviously.

  2. I saw that video, and I was like, I get it girlfriend...I TOTALLY get it...