Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad Dreams

I generally don't have nightmares, and if I do I quickly recover and fall back asleep. Generally my dreams are of the weird variety and aren't worth recalling.
But early this morning I had a whopper of a nightmare. One of my deep-seated, irrational fears is that of some sort of attack on the safety of my family and life. Like...zombies or monsters or war...stuff like that.
The dream that woke me at 5:30 this morning was about monsters. Huge, lurking,unseen hairy monsters. I had to ask my mom which knitting project to bring with me (don't ask). I didn't know where my son was. Terrifying. But what really got me was hearing a scream from my baby sister. One of sheer terror. Ugh. It woke me AND the DH up. I had to ask him if I was awake. That's how real it was. To his credit, he put his arms around me and helped me fall back asleep.
How lame is it to blog about a nightmare? Who knows, but this one really shook me. I have to go text my baby sis to make sure she didn't get eaten by invisible werewolf monsters.
So here is a (bad) photo of me and the goo. Have a great Friday, everyone in blogoland!!!


  1. Hi darling!

    I just found that you have a blog and I love love love it! I have been thinking about starting one and this is total inspiration... everything at the perfect moment, right?! Thank you for your words!

    All the love in the world & eternal gratitude,

  2. Hi Michelle-it was wondrous to see you last week. I am down for the next girls outing-it is necessary!!!!