Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Wonderful Auntie. Or: Taking advantage of OCD

Anyone that knows me knows that I am really, really, really...like REALLY not a Type A personality.
If I had my druthers I would have piles for everything and I'd never have to pick up my clothes.
So I married a man who is more Type A than me. He's got some B tendencies but he's much more organized and result-oriented than I am.
And our horribly disorganized cabinets irritate him. I can understand it-we all have our 'things'. I believe that closets (and kitchen cabinets) have doors for a REASON. However, even I get sick of not knowing where the cumin is, or being unable to find a lid for a bowl. But I don't know where to begin. I look at the disorganization and immediately feel overwhelmed. Then I sit back down or go do something else.
And when my Wonderful Auntie (which is funny, because I call my aunts and uncles by their first names) offered to come over and go through them...well you bet your boots I accepted her offer. She claims that I did HER a favor by allowing her to indulge her minor OCD. Heh. Little does she know that SHE did ME the favor...
*cackling and evil rubbing of hands here*
I'm even gonna take pictures once I charge my sucky camera. Its THAT GOOD. She's thinking of doing this for a living and if she does, I DO ENDORSE HER.
Thank God for people like her and like my husb...we'd all be living in piles without them.

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