Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Usually Happens Like This

The holidays do something evil to my immune system. Some years its the kind of sickness that has one confined to a bathroom (remember that 2007 hospital visit, hunny? remember that time we were home from MN---Boo-Urns-- and we each took over a bathroom at your parents' ?) ; and sometimes it is the kind that just will not go away-the kind that moves itself around in your body. From the tummy to the chest to the sinuses to the all-over. But it seems to happen every single year
It both sucks AND blows, in each sense of both those words.

And I think I am finally done with it. I feel like a human being again-one with the energy to chase an almost-2-year-old around a tiny townhouse. One with motivation to shower daily. One with the ability to have an adult conversation with a stranger while remembering what was previously said. It feels really nice.

I think I shot myself in the foot this year by attempting to make Christmas gifts for my coworkers and family. As a new mom, I now understand why so many craft. Not to put too fine a point on it...but as a (mostly) SAHM...most of the things I do are totally un-do-able and intangible. Laundry. Dishes. Trash. Reading. Playing.
You see.
And so ... I have been trying to teach myself some handicrafts. Because then I have something tangible and finished. Not like laundry , playing, or dishes. Along with learning these handicrafts comes the desire to create things for those I love. But (as I have learned recently), I am rather lazy, have a short (really short) attention span, and I SUCK at finishing things.
What this means is that I still have a bunch of crap to make for my darling co-workers and one finishing-type thing to do for my mommy's Christmas present.
But not tonight. Tonight I am going to change into tall boots and go to a restaurant with grownups. I really wish I could bring my hunny along, but he's being wonderful and has the Goo at his parents' house while they fix train table drawers (don't ask).

**** added at 7 am on 1/11*****
I had a grand time at dinner last night, although the rumor that the restaurant owners have changed seems accurate. Last time I ate at Maggiano's I was VERY impressed. This was more quantity, less quality. But that chopped salad was real yum.

It was nice to be around adults for a few hours. Adults that wanted to sit by me! I don't think about it very often but (quite literally) my hunny is usually the only grownup I see during the day (unless I go to the grocery store or library).

So-here is a photo of the Goo playing with bubbles (the one word besides 'no' that he can say REALLY WELL).
Cheers to all. Have a good day!!!!!

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  1. Ah yes. The handicrafts. . . I know that need to accomplish, need to finish, need to produce something that won't yell back at you or puke on you all too well.

    One year I made every Christmas that we gave. Insanity I tell you.

    And somehow now, with barely the time (or attention span) to knit and finish a washcloth, I long for those days when the sewing machine lived on the kitchen table and my nap times were spent crafting.

    Soak it up. Finish it or don't. Give it as a Fourth of July gift. Leave it unfinished. Give it away half finished, smile and shrug. Regardless, don't stress about it. It is more for you than them anyway - and its cheaper than therapy.