Wednesday, June 16, 2010

just a wee bit meh

Haven't posted in awhile. Mostly because I don't have a camera to capture all the crazy shit that happens to me daily. 
Like today when Milo hid in the closet, pulled turds out of his diaper and threw them on the floor. 
Or Saturday while I manned the garage sale and sold Kinkade prints for an amount so low I wouldn't tell my father in law. Or later that Saturday when I got wine drunk alone. 
Or Sunday when I broke my toe and then worked a 5 hour shift on it.
Or later Sunday when I begged my neighbor to go buy me cigarettes and got wine drunk alone. Except for when she was hanging with me on the balcony. I will miss her when she moves to California.  

I had my review at work last night. I got demoted. In the best sense of the word, if such a thing exists. Basically there are things I need to work on in order to be a better keyholder, and I will be more able to work on these things as an associate. 
I love my managers and I know they love me.I am grateful that they are willing to put more time into me, when they could have just as easily fired me then and there.  The bitter pill for me, I guess, is that I seemed to be the last to know about this. 
People talk in retail. I get it. We're all learning and growing. I know they took a month to tell me because they were searching for the best time and place. I just feel all skin-crawly when I think about people discussing my job performance when I am absent. Maybe that's just me. 
Plus, my BFF told me I only had until lunchtime to sit on the pity pot , and its noon now, so I am gonna quit bitching. I just hope that I don't lose the small level of respect I've built for myself in that store. 
Thursday (tomorrow) I will be at Ravinia watching a boy band I never liked with the cool girl clique from the office I used to work at. It was truly the only time I've ever been a 'cool girl'. 
I am looking forward to more wine, food and cigarettes. Oh, and also a night out alone. That will be nice. 

It is 12:35 pm. I have already cleaned pudding out from Milo's neck, and cookie dough from his eyebrows. He is currently whining in his crib during a time-out. He sneaks into the bathroom, grabs the toothpaste and and hides. And he eats the toothpaste. Childrens' non-floride, but WHY CAN'T HE LISTEN. No question mark. That was a statement. 
Days like this I feel like ... terrible. Parenting a toddler is the biggest lesson I have had in my life. 
Ugh. Get off the pity pot, Althea. 

ON A LIGHTER NOTE, I want to advertise my friend Maggie's blog. I worked with her for a short while at Lush. She now lives downtown and basically is living the dream. She's got stellar musical taste, a grand sense of humor and a cute blog. Go read it. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your demotion. What's a keyholder?

  2. It is someone with the authority to close/open the store, help drive business by planning parties, etc...
    I just need to work on some things, and they felt it would be better accomplished by this plan of action.

  3. Thanks for the plug, lady! Sorry about everything at work, I hate to be this person, but everything will work out for the best. And there's no shame in getting wine drunk by yourself...I did that about a month ago, sitting on my couch blasting Amy Winehouse and then bawled my eyes out watching Sideways.

    You are a strong woman, I know even with poo-flinging toddler you will kick ass :)

  4. Like the new look! Where did you get the racy lady pic?