Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thanks, Mom and Dad

As a rookie mom, I cannot help but constantly compare my parenting style to that of my mom and dad, and my other 'parents'. 
I want to use this space to lift them up in praise, because parenting is fucking hard, and one day a year for each of them is just sort of bullshit. 

I feel as though I have a couple sets of parents, for numerous reasons. Parents of besties, parents of my hunney...

But I am going to start with my biological parents. 
Mom, I thank you for teaching me tolerance and acceptance of ALL people. You taught me how to rise above those that made fun of me, of you. Thank you for teaching me how to escape into books. You taught me that my emotions are valid. Thank you for letting me freak out and break terra cotta pots when I found out that Carl cheated on me. Thank you for not being mad when I punched that hole in the living room wall when I found out. Thank you for not sending me away to military school when I had my run-in with the police. 

Dad, thank you for teaching me/giving me an amazing sense of style and humor. You taught me acceptance as well, by finally living your life the way you always meant to live it. I never forgot going to Gurnee Mills with you and trying on evening gowns. It showed me that I WAS girly and my self-confidence grew. Thank you for supporting our family. Thank you for driving me to Stevenson so I could take a college class. You also taught me when 'she needs a necklace'. 

Both of you...thank you for always telling me I was smart, and loved and beautiful. Thanks for letting me express myself through my music and my outward appearance. I struggle, and I know that you will both always be there for me. I know that we have had our bad (no-good, awful, terrible) spots, but I think that they make the good bits better. 
Now to go wash this KNOT in my throat down with some coffee. 
Love you guys. 

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  1. You're welcome. As I've learned in the past semester the only correct response on my part is: You did it all. You deserve the credit. You did the work. Yes, my Lovely, parenting is hard. So is growing up. You carved a strong path with your strong will and your magnificent humor and staggering intelligence. This journey is not over. It has been, and continues to be, my honor and my pleasure. I love you very much. xoxo, Mommy