Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Epic Failure

I've got nothing.
No Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday. No What I Wore. No Joy of Love photos. 

Want to know why? Because my entire family got our asses kicked by evil, EVIL germs. 

Want to know what sucks? Having a sick kid, a sick husband and a sick self ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 

Childless singles out there, cherish each sick day you get to take lying down. ALL I wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep. 
But I didn't. I worked. I took care of the family. I didn't exercise. I gained back every single pound I've ever lost. I binged on chips and coconut M&Ms. 

I gross myself out. I am stressed and tired. I don't 'get' my new bible study. 

I feel lost. I am on antibiotics. I am being summoned by a whiny almost-three-year-old for whom I need to plan a birthday party. 



  1. You've got coconut M&M's??????!!!!!!
    Surely, all is not lost!

  2. Aww, hang in there! It SUCKS when you feel like shit AND have to take care of a family. I remember we all had the flu once and it was absolute HELL!

    Coconut M&M's can be considered medicine. They're delicious! A spoonful of sugar, no?

  3. Thank you, ladies.
    I just put the kid in his bed (doubt he will sleep) and I am going to go reintroduce my ass to the couch for awhile.